Your 2017 Wrapped

What is it?

Spotify brought 2017 to a close with this unique and surprising marketing campaign, utilising listeners’ activity data to stream personalised messages and data and provide a more relevant, connected (and humorous!) experience. The statistics explored include the user’s favourite tracks, and the artists and genres they listened to. You can discover your own by clicking here.

Check out some examples below:

How can it enhance IC?

Personalised comms are becoming increasingly imperative for organisations to provide a more engaging employee experience. Data collected about employees and used to segment and individualise communications could make them more relevant and interesting, provide a platform for employees to reflect on their time and activities with the company (crafting inspiring, personal stories and forming deeper connections with the organisation), or serve as a public (or private) celebration board for managers or senior leaders to congratulate and celebrate their teams’ successes and achievements.

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