Objects with Personality

I saw this post on an industrial design blog about giving objects a personality. Something resonated straight away with me. For years people have tried to create emotional objects, by that i mean tangible products that connect with us on an emotional level. This often creates personality but only as character. The toasters below take a step forward in developing personality into an object. Each toaster behaves differently to the next which makes them appear to compete for attention. I find this fascinating because one it makes it really engaging and interactive and two it could potentially change the behaviour of the human interacting with it as a result. I suppose the thought starts to manifest itself into a kind of ai and it’s no longer just a toaster, but a robot.

Take this for example, the toaster below rocks around with a smile on ‘it’s’ face to give the perception it’s friendly. Car designers build in faces to the front of cars but objects rarely move with these characteristics on their own. Take a look at the video here to see more.

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