Internal Comms Optimisation

What is it?

In the Search Engine Marketing world, marketers use content optimisation and analytics to make their websites rank higher in search results and subsequently drive more traffic and potential customers to them. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) provides a set of parameters and guidelines to help marketers craft content which will drive their sites to the top of the results, by using carefully selected and positioned keywords, a variety of labelled images, and employing specific HTML tags.


How could it enhance IC?

Michael proposed the idea of a similar analytical dashboard and series of definitive guidelines for IC professionals, to help them create content that will really resonate with their audience – effectively making their messages rank more highly with employees. This would make internal comms much more efficient, measureable, and ultimately more effective.

Essentially, it would be ‘ICO’ – Internal Comms Optimisation!


By Michael.

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