Adaptive Interfaces

What is it?

You’ve heard of smartphones, smart cars, and even smart fridges – but what about smart roads?

We came across this interesting innovative concept – which is currently being trialed – which enables roads to adapt intelligently to different (and potentially hazardous) conditions and scenarios. It’s an intriguing idea, the logic behind which is becoming increasingly common, particularly when it comes to health and safety in everyday life. In response to increasing technological distractions which are dividing people’s attention and can lead to some potentially dangerous situations, there is a growing tendency to update existing products with modern, relevant adaptations to reduce the risk of accidents, rather than just reinventing the wheel and releasing a new technology entirely.

A good example would be that when you begin to drive faster, rather than having to manually increase the volume of the radio to counteract the increase in background noise, the volume would increase automatically in sync with the speed of the vehicle.

The concepts shown below are aimed at protecting other road users, in particular pedestrians:

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