The Power of Storytelling

What is it?

The following video is an advertisement for a high-end fashion retailer. Try to remember that as you inevitably become captivated by the breathtaking cinematography and the powerful musical score. The storyline engrosses the viewer and you soon forget you’re watching a piece of marketing for a luxury clothing brand and start to believe you’re actually watching a trailer for an epic blockbuster film that disappointingly will never be.

So why do we think it’s innovative?

Well, arguably it’s not. It is, after all, just a short film. It’s the application that makes it innovative. Telling a story through rich media, like a film for instance, is a wholly effective way of engaging your audience and making an emotional connection.

There are several business ads that have done the rounds which used dramatic storytelling to captivate their audience and promote their brand in a fresh, visually exciting and powerful way.

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