A Different Perspective

What is it?

Rosie shared a film by Airbnb, unveiling a unique set of bifocal glasses which offer the viewer the chance to see two different narratives unfolding while watching one film.

Viewing the content through the top of the glasses yielded clichéd vacation images (taking selfies at the Eiffel Tower), while watching through the bottom of the glasses revealed an unseen perspective (exploring neighborhoods and interacting with locals). “It wasn’t just about being innovative”, says Rob Davis, President of Starcom USA. “We found a delivery mechanism for our brand message that told the story in a way no traditional method could”.

How could it enhance IC?

Such technology could be used to show two different perspectives simultaneously – for example, engagement vs disengagement. And it could breathe fresh life into storytelling – enabling the capacity to tell two interrelated stories at the same time to double the impact of the message (as in the case of Airbnb).


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