What is it?

We all know what personalisation is, but hyper-personalisation is a whole other ball game. The difference is that hyper personalisation uses data in a much more advanced, intelligent way. Normally, you would probably just personalise an email with a customer’s first name, and maybe some other standard details like birthday or location.

But hyper-personalisation goes much deeper than that. The most common example that comes to mind is when online adverts appear in your browser window promoting products and services related to your immediate search history. Some of the biggest brands have been exploring how far hyper-personalisation can go. Equally, some smaller names (like Holly Herndon) are exploring how far it should go.

Spotify launched a set of humorous hyper-personalised ads as part of a marketing campaign, utilising ultra-specific data from various spotify users:

Holly Herndon makes music that incorporates sounds from the inner workings of computers. Her live shows even include visuals of her audience’s individual online footprints. Their social media profiles and relevant images found online appear on projections as part of the shows.


How could it enhance IC?

We think personalised content is the next BIG thing in IC. It’s much more engaging, and engaging content is key to communication success. So could hyper-personalisation be the key to increasing employee engagement a step further?


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