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Parallax scrolling

It's not that new anymore but it's still a great way of making the internet more engaging. This is probably an early example of it but still stands the test of time becuase it's so well crafted. See the full thing in action here. For reference here's another [...]


Collecting feedback from real reviews of products. How do we create hype and get other people to buy in? Could we use something like this for client/project feedback


This came from 2 of Jacksons Marvel figures, each has a set of stock sounds but they both also have a couple of phrases that they only say to each other. This link gives you an idea: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OxvVDsLI6sQ So I was thinking about how this could work with [...]


Use of audio and visual. Using sound more to engage people, not just using music for animation clips. Why are our narratives in a written document, why can’t we set them up as podcasts, audio files so that people can listen rather than have to read. Audio is [...]

Good Grammar

We all know how easy it is to make a typo let alone spot one, with Grammarly you can help eliminate them and more! What it can do: Sense checks documents, recommending verbs, correcting grammatical errors, plagiarism, proof reading How we could benefit: Help us deliver consistent comms, [...]

Objects with Personality

I saw this post on an industrial design blog about giving objects a personality. Something resonated straight away with me. For years people have tried to create emotional objects, by that i mean tangible products that connect with us on an emotional level. This often creates personality but [...]

Visualising Data

What is it? Domestic Data Streamers is a Barcelona-based design firm that helps organisations to simplify complex information by visualising and physically manifesting data, to tell stories and create emotional connections. It lifts data from the page and brings it to life, bringing people closer to information and [...]

Your 2017 Wrapped

What is it? Spotify brought 2017 to a close with this unique and surprising marketing campaign, utilising listeners' activity data to stream personalised messages and data and provide a more relevant, connected (and humorous!) experience. The statistics explored include the user's favourite tracks, and the artists and genres [...]

Cutting Through the Noise

What is it? The video below breaks down information into an easily digestible but entertaining way, communicating the core ideas of a complex idea while making them engaging, interesting and accessible to anyone. https://youtu.be/yZxs_jGN7Pg Something we frequently do here at H&H on internal comms projects! How can it [...]

Internal Comms Optimisation

What is it? In the Search Engine Marketing world, marketers use content optimisation and analytics to make their websites rank higher in search results and subsequently drive more traffic and potential customers to them. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) provides a set of parameters and guidelines to help marketers [...]

York Mediale 2018

What is it? York Mediale is a unique festival bringing together leading digital artists from around the world. The biennial event will present a 10-day citywide celebration of exhibitions, installations, performances, workshops and more. Underpinned by year-round activity, the festival will support York’s growing cultural presence and nurture [...]

Character Animator CS

What is it? Adobe Character CS, a specialist piece of creative design software which makes animating digital characters more easy and efficient, uses webcams to trace the animator's own movements and instantly animates the corresponding character on screen in sync. Our Animator Ollie has been experimenting with this [...]

Adaptive Interfaces

What is it? You've heard of smartphones, smart cars, and even smart fridges - but what about smart roads? We came across this interesting innovative concept – which is currently being trialed – which enables roads to adapt intelligently to different (and potentially hazardous) conditions and scenarios. It's [...]

Connecting Remote Workers

What's the idea? Jane proposed the innovation of a virtual office for remote workers. This innovation could revolve around a series of webcams positioned around the organisation, with various social touch points connected to them. But rather than being visible to the public like the Sagemeister & Walsh [...]

Can Coffee Boost Productivity?

According to a peer-reviewed study from the University of Chicago:  "A moderate level of ambient noise is conducive to creative cognition." In a nutshell, this means being a tiny bit distracted helps you be more creative. This is why those 'AHA!' moments happen when we're brushing our teeth, [...]

The Power of Storytelling

What is it? The following video is an advertisement for a high-end fashion retailer. Try to remember that as you inevitably become captivated by the breathtaking cinematography and the powerful musical score. The storyline engrosses the viewer and you soon forget you're watching a piece of marketing for [...]

The Fun Theory

Everyone knows inconvenience isn't fun. Convenience, however, can influence us into complacence, subliminally nudging us to do lazy or unhealthy things. You know, that trip in the car to the shop round the corner just because it's quicker and easier than walking or getting the bike out. Or [...]


It's an artificial intelligence simulating a conversation with real human beings. Are these the future of support resources?


Discussing the time and place for emoticons with Laura. Can these little pictures really have a future in communication?

Pointing out the subtle obvious

Sometimes we just need to gently point out the obvious to raise a smile and make an impact. King of Beers is a 30-second advert about Budweiser beer. It creates anticipation over the course of one 20-second extreme close-up shot that tracks slowly up a bottle of beer [...]

Mystery Plays

Since the 1300s, the York Mystery Plays have entertained residents and visitors to the city, bringing to life the greatest story ever told.

Papier Machines

Interactive books that are cut, folded and assembled from paper printed with special conductive ink.

What Three Words

Michael addresses us with a new way to specify locations all over the globe all within 3x3 meter squares.